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My standard fee is £65 per session.

I also offer a limited number of concession rate spaces for those who may struggle to afford therapy. This includes those on low income, on parental leave, and an array of other situations, if you'd like to discuss this further please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


This is one to one, face to face therapy in a quiet, professional and private office in St Helier. 

Personal therapy is exactly that, personal. Each person comes with their own unique view of the world, with their own life experiences and because of this therapy isn't a one fix for all. I accept everyone as an individual and we will work together to make therapy the most worthwhile for you. 


Online therapy via a secure video platform for those who would find it difficult to make it to face to face therapy. Therapy will work much the same way as face to face except through a screen. 


I am also happy to offer other services to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Seeing someone in person or during a video call is too difficult for some people, or some people feel more comfortable to be honest and open up via a different method. Get in touch to see what other options I can offer you. 

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