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Poppy Elizabeth

I was born and raised in Jersey, and spent over three years in Australia in my late teens, early twenties. When I returned to Jersey I looked into the different routes of becoming a therapist and decided on the CPCAB route to get my Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I chose this route as it enabled me to stay on island and I could work whilst studying part-time and raising my eldest child.  

I have a keen interest in domestic violence and domestic abuse, and more especially perinatal mental health, for all parents. I have personally experienced both the Australian and Jersey birthing systems, and found a vast difference in the mental health care of parents, from conception through pregnancy and post birth. This is something I want to help change and have spent the past year increasing my studies with perinatal mental health and will carry on taking this education further.  

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My Journey

Why did I follow this path?

My personal journey in life brought me to become a therapist. I believe in openness and honesty, and the belief that each individual has the power to change when they have the right support and/or the right environment and this is why I choose to tell my story. 

In my early twenties I found myself in an abusive relationship, and ended up pregnant with my first child. I naively assumed back then that having two parents in one household was better than solo parents in two households. Through the abuse I went through, I changed as a person, and I did what I could to survive, and to keep my baby safe. It wasn't until my baby was born that something clicked in my mind and I realised I could no longer keep my baby safe, or as safe as I had presumed when he was inside me. I had a very astute doctor who knew there were problems and made sure time and time again that she would see privately and slip little nuggets of information to me. I knew I could trust her and went to her with my newborn baby and asked for help. I saw a psychologist at a women's health clinic who gave me the space and time to talk about my life and find the strength I needed to leave my situation. 

A couple of years later, after building a new life, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, that all the study would be worth it if I could help be a part of other people's change. It has been a privilege to be a part of my previous client's journeys. 

I am passionate about positive mental health, knowing first hand how it can affect every aspect of your life when you are at a low point or are struggling mentally. I endeavor to provide my clients a safe space where they can talk about whatever they need to, to help change their circumstances.

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